In the Kalmyk language, tachal signifies a painful connection between the living and the dead, between those who were close in life. Aldar's mother dies. On his way back from the funeral, he meets her, standing on the road.
Director's note
It is an insight into feelings that challenge our traditional understanding of reality; it deals with something unclear that is in the air yet can not be observed. At times, certain things that seem utterly real to us turn out to be nothing but a figment of our imagination; yet more often than not we pay so much attention to them and trust them more than the reality around us.

Talking of reality, this film reflects my people's present day plight. If I am Aldar, then Kalmykia itself is Mother. Sad as I might be to acknowledge it, my homeland is dead, and all I do is pretending it is still breathing by communicating with its spirit and recalling on my ancestral power in an attempt to hear my wind. Who am I? A European in Asia, an Asian in Europe, always but a guest, in reach of the place where my navel cord landed.
Fact sheet
Status: In development

Genre: Mystical drama

Language: Russian-Kalmyk

Length/Duration: 100 min

Format: HD/DCP

Principal photography: Autumn