GESHE WANGYAL (1901-1983)
may all being be happy
This is a dramatic story about the incredible
worldly and spiritual journey of a Buddhist monk from Russia who became one of the first scholars and preachers of Tibetan Buddhism in the USA.

Director's note
This film, for me, is more than just a film. It's part of my practice, because I learned over the time that I was working on it. Striving to discover and work out the true goals of the central character, I freed myself of my own delusions, attachments and gloom. In that time I learned to take satisfaction from expectations and even from disappointments. The life of Geshe Wangyal inspired me to such an extent that I finally saw the light. No, this isn't linked to anything specific or material. I simply learned to gain a quiet joy from suddenly seeing that invisible chain in the movement of karma. The people with whom we met, people who knew him personally or sensed that they participating at a distance, were wonderful and wise, and their sincerity itself developed a talented dramaturgy as if from nothing. I didn't do anything, I simply observed and learned to listen between the lines.
I really hope that I will be able to convey my feelings and new knowledge in this film, to share this happiness for the good of all beings.

Fact sheet
Status: Production

Genre: Вiopic documentary

Language: English, Russian, Kalmyk

Length/Duration: 90 min

Format: HD/DCP