Nestled within the hills of Transcaucasia,
and entirely preserved in time, are several villages founded by Molokans – a Russian sect of Christians that rejected the practices of the Russian Orthodox church and were exiled to the mountains by Czar Nicholas I in the 1830s. Now, the Molokans of the region, that were once in thousands, have all but become extinct.
Creative team
The film discovers traces of hidden life left in Kabristan, while simultaneously unveiling a window into the present-day lives of the locals. Director Saglara Tyurbeeva, cameraman Sergey Karelin and sound director Polina Demina immersed themselves in the creative process. The crew was met by a hospitable Azerbaijan that demonstrated an unprecedented cordiality and provided ideal conditions for laborious work. A mystifying and haunting score composed by Moscow-based musician Karina Kazaryan subtly echoes throughout the duration of teaser.
The Molokans
Статус: Постпродакшн

Жанр: Документальный фильм

Язык: Русский (английские субтитры)

Хронометраж: 70 мин

Формат: HD/DCP